White Thermal Printable


PlexDisc 8x 8.5GB White Thermal Everest Hub Printable DVD+R Double Layer 50 Packs Disc

Plexdisc DVD+R DL media nearly doubles the storage capacity of a standard DVD with two recording layers on a single-sided disc. With the added capacity, DVD+R DL media is the preferred DVD media for video producers and gaming developers. In fact most Hollywood movies and Video Games for consoles like X-Box are developed on 8.5GB Double Layer discs. PlexDisc recordable 8.5GB DVD+R DL media is made in Taiwan for superior quality and performance. They are perfect for recording movies, files, games, and more. The PlexDisc recordable 8.5GB DVD+R DL media is extremely affordable and works in a wider array of duplication and recording devices compared to alternative less reliable DVD+R DL media options.

Plexdisc DVD+R DL white thermal Everest hub printable media is made specifically to meet the rigid specifications of all primary recording drives and thermal printers on the market today! When you're looking for recordable media that you can be certain will copy accurately, playback reliably, and ensure an exceptional thermal print quality, then Plexdisc media is your best option. Many other thermal printable media today can be sticky and could create problems for your duplicator or printer. The Plexdisc thermal media is created to prevent stickiness and ensure your production or your hardware will not be stopped or harmed during the duplication and printing process.

Mfg Part No 608-404
UPC Code 842378011611
Capacity 8.5GB
Speed 1x - 8x
Top Surface White Thermal Everest Hub Printable
Pieces per Pack 50
Weight 2 lb
Dimension D 5.5" x W 5.5" x H 3.75"