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PlexDisc 6x 50GB Logo Top BD-R Double Layer 25 Packs Disc

PlexDisc recordable 50GB Double Layer Blu-ray media is made in Taiwan for superior quality and performance. They are perfect for recording high definition movies, large format files, games, and more. The PlexDisc recordable 50GB Double Layer Blu-ray media is affordable and works in a wider array of duplication and recording devices compared to cheaper, less reliable media options.

Mfg Part No 645-813
UPC Code 842378009212
Type BD-R DL
Capacity 50GB
Speed 1x - 6x
Top Surface Logo Top
Pieces per Pack 25
Weight 1 lb
Dimension D 5.5" x W 5.5" x H 2"
Compatibility List

Drive Description Max Drive Write Speed Max Drive Support Speed
Burner Brand (speed) Model Firmware BD-R SL OPTODISC BDR SL 6X
Asus BW-12B1ST 1.02 8x 8x
Asus BW-16D1HT 3.00 12x 8x
LG BH08LS20 2.00-3 8x 6x
LG BH08NS20 2.00 8x 6x
LG BH10LS30 1.02-A0 8x 6x
LG BH10LS38 1.03-A0 8x 6x
LG BH10NS30 1.02-A0 10x 6x
LG BH12LS30 1.01-C0 12x 6x
LG BH12LS35 1.03-D0 12x 6x
LG BH12LS38 1.03-D0 12x 6x
LG BH12NS30 1.02-C0 12x 6x
LG BH12NS35 1.01 12x 6x
LG BH12NS38 1.03-D0 12x 6x
LG BH14NS40 1.01-A1 12x 6x
LG BH14NS40 (Gen2) 1.00 12x 6x
LG BH14NS48 1.01-A0 12x 6x
LG BH14NS58 1.00 12x 6x
LG BH16NS40 1.01-A1 12x 6x
LG BH16NS48 1.01-A1 12x 6x
LG BH16NS50 1.00 12x 6x
LG BH16NS55 1.00 12x 6x
LG BH16NS58 1.00 12x 6x
LG BH16NS60 1.00 12x 6x
LG GGW-H20L YL07 4x 2x
LG GGW-H20N XL07 4x 2x
LG WH10LS20 2.00 8x 6x
LG WH10LS30 1.02-A0 8x 6x
LG WH12LS38 1.03-D0 12x 6x
LG WH12LS39 1.03-D0 12x 6x
LG WH14NS40 1.01-A1 12x 6x
LG WH14NS40 (Gen2) 1.00 12x 6x
LG WH16NS40 1.00 12x 6x
LG WH16NS48 1.00 12x 6x
LG WH16NS48(D) 1.D1 12x 6x
LG WH16NS58 1.00 12x 6x
LG WH16NS58(D) 1.V1 12x 6x
LG WH16NS60 1.00 12x 6x
LITEON IHBS112 (Gen1) CL0K 8x 8x
LITEON IHBS112 (Gen2) PL06 8x 8x
LITEON IHBS212 (Gen1) 5L09 8xx 8x
LITEON IHBS212 (Gen2) HL05 8x 8x
LITEON IHBS312 PL16 8x 8x
Optiarc BD-5300S 1.06 8x 8x
Panasonic SW-5583C 1.00 4x 4x
Panasonic SW-5584 1.02 8x 6x
Pioneer BDR205 1.12 12x 8x
Pioneer BDR206 1.06 12x 8x
Pioneer BDR206D 1.06/1.56 12x 8x
Pioneer BDR206M 1.04 6x 8x
Pioneer BDR207D 1.35 12x 8x
Pioneer BDR207M 1.35 12x 8x
Pioneer BDR208D 1.40 14x 8x
Pioneer BDR208M 1.40 14x 8x
Pioneer BDR209D 1.20 16x 8x
Pioneer BDR209M 1.20 16x 8x
Pioneer BDR211U 1.02 16x 4x
Pioneer BDR-XD05 1.10 6x 6x
Plextor PX-LB950SA (Gen1) 1.06 8x 8x
Plextor PX-LB950SA (Gen2) 1.04 8x 8x
Samsung SE-506CB TS00 6x 4x
Sony BWU-200S 1.0b 4x 4x
Sony BWU-300S 1.0c 8x 6x